Missionaries in Italy

The Gravinos

Johnny and Alexandra have joined with Grace Ministries International as missionaries in Sicily, Italy. They have three children: Samuele, Maddalena, and Giuliano. Johnny's ministry has an emphasis on expository preaching and an accurate exposition of the Word. He pastors at a local church and teaches at the Italian Theological Academy in Sicily. The academy has the vision of shining the clear light of God's truth into the hearts of Italy's church leadership by teaching expository preaching and showing them how to interpret Scripture.

Gravino News

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A Biblical Theology of Missions

Recommended Reading

by George W. Peters. Covers the theory and biblical mandates for missions.

Christianity in Italy

Did you know?

  • Less than one percent of the population of Italy are Protestant, and many of those are very liberal. Many evangelical pastors have no formal Biblical training
  • Of the 58,000,000 people living in Italy, most are Roman Catholic
  • Most recently, the largest Muslim Mosque in the west was erected in Rome

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