Missionaries in Greece

The Korianitises

Takis and April Korianitis and familyTakis and April Korianitis and their four children (Zoe, Fotinos, Kyriakos, and Anestis) minister to the peoples of Greece. Takis pastors at the Zakynthos Bible Baptist Church. They work with the organization called Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples. The Korianitises have a vision of planting more churches, growing children's summer camps, and expanding the refugee outreach centers.

Korianitis News

Stay current with news and happenings from the Korianitises through their newsletter. Copies are also available in the church foyer.

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A Biblical Theology of Missions

Recommended Reading

by George W. Peters. Covers the theory and biblical mandates for missions.

The Church in Greece

Did You Know?

  • You cannot witness to anyone under the age of 18 without their parent's consent?
  • 98% of the Greeks claim to be Greek Orthodox; 1.7% Muslim; and 0.3% other religions?
  • 7 out of 10 Muslims that come to Europe get in through Greece?
  • On the list of the hardest countries to bring the gospel to, Greece ranks #7?
  • Greece is closed to missionaries. If someone wants to serve in Greece, they either have to have a European passport or they have to come in with a humanitarian, or other, work Visa?
  • Only Greek nationals can be pastors?

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